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OOO Radio is a growing creative community of people interested in sound and artistic approaches to the radio medium.

Physically, the radio can be borrowed to create your own broadcasts, and to support your events to travel into new locations through digital streaming. We are currently Helsinki-based, with occasional capacity to work abroad but we are keen to find ways of all collaborations possible. Digitally, we can share pre-recorded sounds that are ready for broadcasting and give a home to field recordings through thematic playlists. You can also join the OOO Radio team to steer the direction and future of our station.

What? OOO Radio has a focus on experimental sound, art and other things that do not have a place on conventional radio. This could include experimental music, discussions, book readings, interviews, sound performance, field recordings and other artistic formats. We are not a platform for DJ mixes or music playlists. OOO Radio is an adaptable and flexible format, and is open to proposals for collaboration.

How? As a listener-fuelled, community-driven platform, we run on a membership basis. By becoming a member, you will receive an induction to the radio and how to use it. After this, you can borrow and use the radio physically and digitally. Prior knowledge of producing radio or sound is not required. We are open to all ages, nationalities and identities. Everybody is welcome to make OOO Radio their own radio.

Do I have to pay? OOO Radio was founded with support from the Kone Foundation and now continues as a self-funded project, with occasional project-based funding. To maintain our equipment and technical infrastructure, we would ask individuals who have financial capacity to do so to contribute a yearly donation. Read more here.

If you are interested, but are unsure how to get involved, get in touch at