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OOO Radio (Out of Office) is a mobile radio station that broadcasts from the back of a bike. Originating in Helsinki, its focus is the creation of curious and experimental sound in public space, and available online. It will also soon be a loanable resource for the arts in Helsinki and further afield, where it will prioritise participatory approaches to broadcasting and distributing material that would otherwise not have a place on traditional radio stations. OOO Radio is a new initiative by Samantha Lippett and James Prevett, with support of Timo Vaittinen.

For the month of November, OOO Radio can be found in Forum Box, Helsinki where it will broadcast daily (12 – 17 EET) from the exhibition ‘Together With’ by James Prevett (and many others).

If you’re interested in getting involved or have an idea for a broadcast, get in touch at

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